Game Dev Design
Apr 25

Why (the hell) are we making a VR game

This is our first game. We are not even a studio. Our main way of living is developing hardware and software for a bigger company. So, why we decided to take this huge risk and jump into this red ocean? Well, it’s complex…

Undertaking in VR

Two of the partners had another business closely related with VR in the recent pass. It was actually a place where people can experience VR (play games, watch videos…). This, added to the fact that one of them worked many years ago in Pyro Studios, made them self secure enough about undertaking in this new field. The key to convince the rest of the team about developing a VR game was just the letters VR.

We know (or at least we believe) there is a big piece of cake in the VR industry. It is a growing market that is waiting for those who give a step forward. We found less competitors than in indie-mobile market because the target is smaller and because VR games are more expensive to develop. Those handicaps could be seen as advantages if you know how to use it.

The game we want to do

So, ok, we want to make a VR game, but what kind of game?, what genre?, what plot? Partners decided to make a contest to choose the best game idea. We all could show all the ideas we have and the winner would win a trip to an europen city. At the end, one of the partners was the winner (natural, because they knew better than anyone that they wanted to do). Anyway, the trip was raffled and one of our colleagues were to Paris. Well, and we found  a great idea to start working on.