Game Dev Design
May 02

Finding OhShape visual style

The visual style of our brand new VR game suffered a very hard path, with some turning points, lots of disagreement and even some dismissals.

Once we decided the basic mechanics of the game, next step was to create a Game Concept Document. This was a living file were we went adding the most relevant parts of every area of the game, including, of course, the visual style.

In the very beginning we only had references like Beat Saber or Tron on mind, so we said that to a new senior freelance designer to create a full concept. The game should be dark, full of neon lights but very minimalistic and sober. A bit sober as Beat Saber 😉

After few weeks working on it, we saw the designer was very far from what we wanted, so we decided to let him go. We bet to take his place with a junior in house designer and help him during the whole process.

Success! His fresh ideas adding to the closer way we worked with him gave us amazing results in no time.

The first research he made opens our eyes about the color palette we should use. That was true: Beat Saber was black and neon colors as well as tons of new brands and games in general (Avengers: Endgame or Fortnite Season 6, for example). The problem with it was that everybody was using it, even Beat Saber closer competitor. It just made it look like clones.

So we took the opposite way. What did we want? Whats feelings we wanted to feel? We wanted an epic, sporty and minimalistic scenario, so we stopped basing our ideas in Beat Saber. Why if we put our focus in games like Portal or Mirror Edge? A white and clean world with some touches of plain colors suddenly looks a great idea.

We still had to walk a long path to find the final style we all love. But at least we found a beginning.

We will write more about the scenario once Carlos and Lydia finish it.