Game Dev Design
Jun 12

The E3 VR Showcase

VR technology is making great improvements lately, specially for games. Oculus, HTC, Valve and other companies are rushing to produce the best hardware of the market and now the consumer has more options than ever, some of them at affordable prices. The wireless technology is already a revolutionary standard that is changing this industry for its own good: without annoying wires and without external cameras players don’t need a big setup to play. Also, devices like Oculus Quest are reaching new audiences due to the fact that they don’t need to be plugged into a PC or console.

VR games are gaining ground in the competitive videogame industry. The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019 (E3 2019) celebrated in Los Angeles is the 25th edition of this international fair and the first edition to have an official VR Showcase. It wasn’t a fancy presentation with audience, developers, actors and music (as usual at E3), but it was a practical 75 min video streaming hosted by the news portal Upload VR. The E3 VR Showcase showed almost 30 VR games, some of them had been announced before but others were revealed during the event. We have picked 5 awesome games from the show:

The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets (PC, PSVR, Quest)

An endearing adventure in which the player has to solve mysteries looking at picturesque dioramas and interacting with cute characters. Its aesthetic resembles the popular Animal Crossing from Nintendo.

Low-Fi (PC) [Kickstarter coming soon]

This game is still in development and needs funding, so the Upload VR showcase was used to announce a Kickstarter that will start this summer. Its cyberpunk setting looks a lot like the film Blade Runner, with a flying vehicle surfing the streets of a futuristic megacity.

Pistol Whip (still not confirmed)

One of the big surprises of the event. Pistol Whip looks like a fusion between the frantic action of Super Hot and the precise rhythm of games like Beat Saber. Also Pistol Whip borrows his aesthetic from the John Wick movies, a cinematographic influence of which its developers speak openly.

Asgard Wrath (Oculus)

This game is an Oculus exclusive and one of the most ambitious and anticipated VR productions. Asgard Warth is settled in the Norse mythology and it features a dynamic sword combat system and beautifully crafted graphics, although the player should have a Oculus Rift S to get the most out of it. The game has some other mechanics too as the player has the help of gods and familiars to solve puzzles or fight enemies. It is also meant to be one of the longest adventures in VR with more than 30 hours of gameplay.

Garden of the Sea (PC)

In this relaxing game you can grow your own garden, pet animals, craft items, travel between islands in a boat and go fishing. It has some elements from classic games as Harvest Moon and Pokémon, and it’s already available on Steam Early Access.

These have been just some of the novelties from the E3 VR Showcase hosted by UploadVR. We applaud this initiative and we are sure next year there will be more VR content as we are living a big revolution inside the gaming industry.