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Jan 11

OhShape Monthly Challenges! January

Along 2021 OhShape will celebrate a monthly challenge with different cool prizes and a big prize at the end of the year! It’s very easy to take part, here are the steps:

1. Each month we will propose an official OhShape song in a certain difficulty. Players will have to reach a minimum score to take part in the challenge.

2. To verify your participation, you have to send a screenshot of your score to Please put in your subject line: “OhShape Monthly Challenge“. In the image we have to clearly see your score (remember you will have to reach the minimum score needed), the name of the song in the leaderboard and the difficulty. You can apply modifiers if you want.

And that’s it! Every month we will choose 3 winners at random and they will receive a game during the first week of the following month! Here are the details for the OhShape January Challenge:

Song: Workout Trap
Difficulty: Hard
Minimum Score: 250.000
Challenge starts: January 11
Challenge finishes: January 31
Prize: 3 copies of Synth Riders to be drawn among the contestants!*

We want to thank our awesome friends at Synth Riders for collaborating in our challenge. Keep an eye on their game because it’s great!

We will make a different giveaways each month, plus a special giveaway on December 2021 between all the contestants (if you take part each month, you will have more chances to win!). More details about the special giveaway will be given in the next months.

*We will try to give the key in the platform desired by the winners (PC, Quest, PSVR) but if a game isn’t available in the desired platform, we will give another game available there.