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Feb 19

OhShape Quest Anniversary!

OhShape 2020 Updates Chronology

2020… What a ride! We remember the release of OhShape on Quest with great joy and pride, it truly was a magical moment for us! However it was a bit bittersweet because just a few weeks after the release, we found ourselves immersed in the global pandemic, which led us to major changes.

But this didn’t daunt us, on the contrary, it made us work harder. In April we released our #StayHome challenge to help our players withstand confinement. It was a long map with upbeat music, punches and squats to make you sweat and keep you in good shape!

In June we joined forces with Synth Riders to create something never seen before in the VR rhythm realm, and thus was born our first Delight Collab: one free update for OhShape and Synth Riders with maps made for the song Delight by Jamie Berry. We were very happy to bring our communities closer together, so we repeated this move and later in September we released another collab featuring the song Carry On by F.O.O.L.

OhShape expanded onto new platforms such as Pico VR and PlayStation VR. We have always been listening to our community’s feedback and we added a bunch of free updates with new features, songs and new environments like our Ice Planet or Tower Reloaded, a reconstruction of our first stage.
We had a special surprise in store for the end of the year: our first DLC, Electro Party! 6 energetic songs in an awesome new dark environment now available in all platforms!

So… What’s next?
We started 2021 with our OhShape Monthly Challenges, a way to engage with our community and introduce you to other awesome games by other developers! This year has just started and we are preparing some other interesting updates. More DLCs? New collabs? New environments? Follow us on social media and be the first to know more!