Game Dev Diary

Jul 02

How OhShape VR walls are made

Walls are a core mechanic of OhShape VR gameplay. We want them to feel organic, accurate and easy to read. In today’s devlog we show you our workflow from a choreography performed by professionals (thanks to the amazing dancers from ON Dance Studios Sevilla) to 3D models integrated in Unity,... read more →
Jun 12

The E3 VR Showcase

VR technology is making great improvements lately, specially for games. Oculus, HTC, Valve and other companies are rushing to produce the best hardware of the market and now the consumer has more options than ever, some of them at affordable prices. The wireless technology is already a revolutionary standard that... read more →
May 02

Finding OhShape visual style

The visual style of our brand new VR game suffered a very hard path, with some turning points, lots of disagreement and even some dismissals. Once we decided the basic mechanics of the game, next step was to create a Game Concept Document. This was a living file were we... read more →
Apr 30
Apr 25

Why (the hell) are we making a VR game

This is our first game. We are not even a studio. Our main way of living is developing hardware and software for a bigger company. So, why we decided to take this huge risk and jump into this red ocean? Well, it's complex… Undertaking in VR Two of the partners... read more →